Bite-Sized Craft Videos

1/6. Nasi Lemak Cookies

2/6. April Fool’s Day Breakfast Prank

3/6. New Year Rememberlution Jar

4/6. CNY Red Bean Nian Gao

5/6. Mini Cauliflower Pizza

6/6. Holiday Biscuit


Ecoworld was looking to boost brand exposure and promote its projects, especially among the next generation of homebuyers – digital native millennials. To maximise EcoWorld’s efficiency on social media, a fresh twist to the brand was necessary to drive customer engagement further.


We developed a series of short videos featuring cooking and craft tutorials, using original ideas in conjunction with several significant occasions celebrated in Malaysia. Through effective storytelling and relationship building, we focused on how EcoWorld can inspire its audience — by associating heart-warming and lifestyle-based content with the comfort and confidence of owning a home from EcoWorld.

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