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The Aspen Group sought to celebrate an auspicious milestone, their 8th anniversary, by offering deals on their collection of Penang-based properties.


Staying true to their letter "A" naming convention, Aforemention conceptualised the Am8zing Celebration campaign. The playful stylisation of the word “amazing” added a touch of friendliness, while psychedelic-inspired designs and a joyful colour palette were used to lift spirits for a celebratory feel.


Understanding the limitations that consecutive lockdowns presented, Aforemention creatively executed the Am8zing Celebration as an integrated digital campaign.

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• Social Media Design & Planning

We crafted several social media posts to promote Aspen Group’s projects, each adopting the concept’s designs and colour palette to draw attention. Based on the project, the copy was written to suit different demographics and affinities, attracting different users to register and secure the deals.

• Digital Ads Strategy

Facebook Lead Ads were run throughout the duration of the campaign, with multiple rounds of optimisation on copy and visuals. Google Ads were simultaneously launched to secure mindshare and maximise results and performance. Responsive ads were our focus for the platform, ensuring the target audience was served the right visuals and copy.

• Landing Page

Facebook posts and Google Ads brought users to a bilingual microsite which adopted the concept’s visuals and copy. As the hub of the campaign, the microsite housed information on the projects and their corresponding deals. There, users could also register and get more information on their desired property directly from Aspen Group.

pattern pattern Am8zing Celebration's Landing Page

From May to August 2021, the Am8zing Celebration achieved

leads in Northern & Eastern Peninsular Malaysia
clickthrough rate