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As offices across the nation started to reopen post-lockdown, Double A sought to reignite interest in paper and stationery. To boost their brand recognition and solidify their market-leader reputation amidst intensifying competition, they approached Aforemention for a social media campaign.


In the spirit of getting back on track, we chose the name “Double Time” for the 3-month-long social media campaign – one part homage to the brand name, one part call-to-action to inject hope and optimism. Each month of the campaign featured a different theme with content to match, such as DIY projects, witty wordplay, and interactive games, all highlighting Double A products.

“Double Time” elevated brand awareness for Double A, increasing their search volume and establishing them as a trendsetter amongst paper brands on Malaysian social media.

From October to December 2021, Double A Double Time achieved

ad impressions
ad clicks
clickthrough rate
increase in page engagement